Share the sweetness and you might win a prize!

This year we are honoring the memory of a beloved friend of The Great Candy Run, Mike Elbeck.

Join us in spreading smiles. Here are the jolly details….

  • Every kid in the Jolly Rancher Free Kids Fun Run will receive two pieces of Jolly Rancher candies.
  • One to keep!
  • One to give to someone else in a sweet random act of kindness to make someone’s day a bit sweeter (perhaps a teacher, the local shopping market clerk, a nurse, etc.)

What will you do with your extra candy?

We’d love to know! Email us at info @

Tell us the who and/or why, and any other sweet details! Include a picture if you snapped one!  Anyone that shares their sweet story (by November 21st) will be entered into our prize drawing for some sweet prizes!

Who is the Jolly Rancher?

Mike Elbeck was a big part of The Great Candy Run. We always encouraged our team to dress up in fun gear, and Mike did that by wearing overalls, a straw hat, and attaching Jolly Ranchers to his outfit.

He was the Jolly Rancher. When we met Mike, he had just retired from serving his community as a Denver police officer.

Mike had one of the biggest hearts of anyone we ever knew. We were honored to know him as a neighbor, friend, Fetal Health Foundation supporter, and a key member of our HAL Sports team.

Mike was the type of person that was always there for you, even when you didn’t know you needed someone. Mike was also truly a kid at heart and relished in seeing kids smile, and having fun. Mike rivaled Clark Griswald when it came to Christmas lights! His house was a popular destination for kids and adults during the holidays. He did this all for bringing joy to others and bringing a smile to their faces. We honor Mike by paying forward his kindness and asking you to do the same and make someone’s day a bit sweeter.