Note: the Great Candy Run Minneapolis has been postponed until 2017.

Minneapolis Race Director Stacy Hvinden recently visited Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth to spread the word about The Great Candy Run.

Duluth is lovely. The views of Lake Superior amazed my daughter and me, and the runners were awesome!

Beautiful Lake Superior! Thanks for the Sweet Welcome, Grandma's Marathon!

Beautiful Lake Superior! Thanks for the Sweet Welcome, Grandma’s Marathon!

We  made so many friends at Grandma’s Marathon.  It makes sense- running, grandmas, and candy absolutely go together.

At the race, we passed out our save-the-date cards, and got to visit with these athletes about the Great Candy Run.

Here’s what we heard:

“I’ve been wanting to get my kids involved in running.  A candy 5k will be perfect!”

“My sister always says she will never run a race… but I bet I can talk her into a race for candy.”

“Those medals are SWEET!”

“I like Candy even better than chocolate.  Count me in.”

“That sounds like a blast- what a terrific idea!  When is it again?”

great candy run save the date card minneapolis

Stacy passed out this save-the-date card. This one is for you!


Now to be fair, we were giving out free candy.  It is possible that these folks  were influenced by our sweetness.  But truly, even coach potatoes will run for candy and a great cause, right?



Save the date: September 17th!


We also got to talk about our sponsor, the Midwest Fetal Care Center.  Not only are they giving hope to new families, they have been truly enthusiastic supporters.  They have made bringing the race to Minnesota for the first time so much easier.  We feel so fortunate to have them on our team.


Go ahead and sign up now for the Race September 17th.

Tell your friends we’ll have the candy ready.


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